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Protect You Rights!

Attention to all Vapors! 

On a daily basis, our rights as Vapors are being challenged & revoked! Foolish Laws are being written and trying to get passed in some cases behind closed doors! It blows my mind that the one industry “Tobacco” is the driving force on getting these Laws passed, because the Vaping industry is destroying their business.


Please visit and join the organizations below.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association – (CASAA)

Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association – (SFATA)

The Vaping Militia


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How Vaping Helped Me!

How vaping helped me to finally quit smoking after 30 years!!

I’m speaking from personal experience. I starting smoking at age 12 sneaking a cigarette here and there. At age 14, I would go offshore lobstering during the summer. I would buy 2-3 cartons on each trip and each trip lasted 3-4 days and sometimes longer. Over the years, I tried to quick over and over again. I would be fine, then I’d get pissed at something, stressed out, or be at a social event having a few drinks and be right back to smoking again. I tried the gum, “OMG that was horrible!” dip “which is far worse than smoking & absolutely DISGUSTING!!” The mass market e-cigs “Blu, Logic, etc” and they did NOT work and they are also owned by the BIG tobacco companies! Hated the taste and went right back to cigarettes smoking 1.5 packs a DAY, at $10.25 per pack. That is 10.5 packs per week, spending $107.63 per week! Now $107.63 times 4 weeks, that is $430.52 a month, which is a car payment on a nice vehicle! Grab $430.52 and multiply that by 12 months and I was spending $5166.24 and year! Kinda makes you sick thinking about it.

In the Fall of 2014, my friend Joe introduced me to his brother John who has been vaping for a long time. He told me about it and I thought to myself “this to way to complicated and a pain! So I just took it with a grain of salt and blew it off. As the months went by I started asking local tobacco shops about vaping or as they called it “advanced e-cigs” and they had little to NO knowledge about it and all they cared about was the all might dollar!!

This past January I decided it was time to quit, so I asked John if he could help me and order a setup for me. So on January 24th I quit cold turkey due to a bad cold, but I knew as soon as I felt better I would startup again. On February 3rd, my friend John told me that my equipment was in “I was VERY thankful, considering I was getting very jittery and snappy from quitting”. My setup: IPV Mini 30 Watt Mod, Sony VTC4 Authentic Battery, 2 Lemo RTA’s & a sample bottle of blueberry e-juice/e-liquid that he game me from his stash. After he showed me how to setup & configure the equipment, I took my first drag. OMG I was in heaven! I knew right there and then that vaping was my answer and haven’t touched a cigarette since January 24th and nor have I even had a desire for it.

Ask anyone that vapes and you will pretty much get a story similar to mine. Vaping does work on helping people quit smoking. Cigarettes have 18mg of nicotine, as well as thousands of other harmful ingredients, including the chemical on the wrapping paper that extinguishes a cigarette that is left unattended for safety! You can vape as high as 24mg and as low as 0mg. I personally vape at 6mg, 3mg, or sometimes even 0mg! The ingredients in e-juice/e-liquid VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), Nicotine, & Flavoring THAT IS IT!!!

Speaking of flavoring, I have never heard of anyone complainting on what flavor I was vaping. If anything I get, “that smells amazing!”

Now that I don’t smoke:

  • I feel great & have more energy.
  • Helps you increase your water intake!
  • My taste buds & sense of smell have improved.
  • More money in my pocket.
  • Don’t have to go outside to smoke, but will from time to time to keep others at ease.
  • No more smelly cloths.
  • No more burn marks on clothing, upholstery, etc.
  • No more cleaning ashtrays and picking up cigarette butts.
  • On personal forms when asked if you smoke? You can simply say NO!


  • Always have a small kit that contains extra bottles of e-juice/e-liquid, extra RTA’s or RDA’s, batteries, cotton, coils, tools, etc.
  • You should have a backup mod, just in case one should fail.
  • STAY away from smoke detectors. Vapor will trip them regardless if they are photoelectric or ionization!

So you decide what is better? After smoking for 30 years & finally quitting for good, I can personally say “Thank you to all the men and women that has made vaping possible!! – John M –


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Credit Card Processing Finally Approved!

Well after a month of going though hell with credit card processors that didn’t support vaping/e-cigs sites, since they consider us “tobacco related, high risk, or adult oriented” website. We would start an account, get approved, process test transactions, &  then a week later the credit card processor would terminate the account without notice!

Ugh, I feel like we’re the bad guys in our community! Now with both smokers and non-smokers looking at us in disgust! Non educated non-smokers just because they see white stuff floating around and that MUST be bad, but the city bus blowing jet black SMOKE is ok! Some smoker, just hating that we in general DON’T have to follow the No Smoking rules, but remember it’s NOT smoke it’s water vapor. :)

Well, we are happy to say that we are FINALLY processing credit cards with a VAPING friendly merchant account! Thanks again for all that you did with the speed and efficiency that you completed it in! 😉

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Welcome to Buzzards Bay Vape!

Let’s us first welcome you to our site. We are currently in the development & implementing stages, so please excuse our appearance. You may find that some functions may not work correctly or you my find a glitch here and there. We are working hard to correct these minor issues and again our apologizes. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Buzzards Bay Vape
“By Vapors, For The Vaping Community!”